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Christopher Carnes​

Student President

“My name is Christopher Carnes and I am 16 years old. I am in 11th grade in the South Fork High School IB program. My interest in the environment all started in the Team Green Program in 4th grade, and just grew from there now becoming one of the student officers of Students4H2O. My love of the environment has grown to include helping to educate and raise awareness about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. I believe that if we work towards accomplishing all of these goals we truly will have a better future and a better planet. I am also a Student Teacher at Visionary School of the Arts and love to use my art skills and creativity to make artwork to educate and inspire people on how to make a change in the world. I am also involved in the Student Government at South Fork and am a member of the Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council. I love being part of Students4H2O and empowering the students and people in the community and around the world to make a change!”

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Tyler Daniel

Student Vice-President

“My name is Tyler Daniel, and I am fifteen years old. I am an IB sophomore at Lincoln Park Academy. My concern for the environment started when I moved to the Treasure Coast in third grade. At this time, I learned about the blue-green algae crisis and its detrimental effect on the community. With the accumulation of new knowledge, my passion for protecting and conserving the environment grew. I am dedicated to achieving Global Goal 3, Good Health and Well – Being. It is important to ensure healthy lives and advocate efficient healthcare for all ages. Also, I am passionate about Global Goal 13, Climate Action, which is an undeniable threat to our entire civilization. Through education and innovation, I believe we can make the necessary changes to protect the planet and promote greater prosperity across the globe. Outside of Students4H2O and school, I enjoy playing volleyball and flag football and spending time with my family and friends.”