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September 20, 2019

TCPalm: "United Way of Martin County provides students in Title 1 schools with tools for success"

July 11, 2019

MudLOVE: "The World We Want: Students4H2O"

April 9, 2019

City of Stuart: "City partners with TerraCycle to recycle cigarette butts"


March 27, 2019

TCPalm: "Savannah Russian is CHARACTER COUNTS! Student of the Week"


March 21, 2019

WPTV: "Student group in Martin County promotes sustainability locally, globally"


March 20, 2019

WPTV: "5 fun things to do this weekend"

March 15, 2019

City of Stuart: "Water Fest and Mutt March unite in Memorial Park"


February 20, 2019

TCPalm: "Vanessa Billings CHARACTER COUNTS! Student of the Week for Jan. 30"


December 17, 2018

TCPalm: "Citrus Grove's Alice Gilroy is United Way of Martin County's CHARACTER COUNTS! Student of Week for Dec. 19"


October 31, 2018
TCPalm: "Ben Cermeno is CHARACTER COUNTS! Student of the Week for Nov. 7"


October 3, 2018
TCPalm: "Ready, set, grow! Water Fest, Mutt March, Students4H2O start planning for 2019"


September 25, 2018 

TCPalm: "Bessey Creek's Evan McGee is CHARACTER COUNTS! Student of the Week for Oct. 3"


September 25, 2018

Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce: "Water Fest and Mutt March Join Forces"


April 21, 2018

WPTV: "Water Fest getting underway in Stuart"


April 12, 2018

TCPalm: “Walk in the shoes of the thirsty: Water Fest creatively emphasizes conservation"


March 20, 2018

TCPalm: “Martin County's ArtsFest a smashing blend of art, music, dance, contests and fun!"


February 19, 2018

TCPalm: “Keep Martin Beautiful celebrates 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award winners”


February 1, 2018

TCPalm: “CHARACTER COUNTS! Sydney Daniel is Student of the Week for Feb. 7”


January 22, 2018

TCPalm: “CHARACTER COUNTS! Mia Carlson is Student of the Week for Jan. 31”


October 5, 2017

TCPalm: “Martin student join fight against plastic-bag litter”


April 21, 2017

WPBF: "Local student pitches in for Earth Day event"


April 13, 2017

TCPalm: "H2O Expo 'Water Fest' coming to Memorial Park on April 22"


March 28, 2017

TCPalm: “Student pours passion into making H2O Expo Water Fest a success”


February 25, 2017

USGBC Florida: "Generation Green's 2017 Apple Results"


July 19, 2016

TCPalm: “Adriana Mancini honored for excellence”


June 1, 2016

TCPalm: “Clean Your Block Party removes thousands of pounds of litter”


April 22, 2016

TCPalm: H2O Expo ‘Water Fest’ comes to Memorial Park

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